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It’s on target to transform St Helena and secure the island’s future, according to St Helena Government.

St Helena has incredible scenery and packs a huge variety of environments into 47 square miles, which visitors can enjoy through a range of walks. Here is the third Walker’s Guide post with information supplied by one of St Helena’s most avid walkers, Ed Thorpe.

Sally Kettle is an adventurer, speaker, event host and personal trainer. She is also the author of 'Sally's Odd at Sea', a book about how she became the world’s first mother and daughter pair to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic to the West Indies; raising £250,000 for charity and earning a place in the Guinness World Records 2008. In December 2013 she visited St Helena for the first time...

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It’s rare, got a fine flavour and will keep you fresh to tackle 2014. It’s St Helena’s coffee of course!

St Helena’s incredible scenery and variety of environment makes it a walker’s paradise. In this second walker’s guide to St Helena avid walker, Ed Thorpe, […]