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SHAPE: Seeing beyond disability

St Helena’s Participation in Enterprise (SHAPE) is a non-profit organisation that has been running since 2008. It assists to provide a supportive environment for vulnerable adults on St Helena to develop their skills for employment. For many, the service is a lifeline and a critical part of the government’s plan to help people with disabilities. <a class="read-more-link" href="">Read More</a>

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Arrival When you arrive within 20nm of St Helena, you should call St Helena Radio on VHF Channel 16 to confirm your arrival and seek customs/immigration clearance. You should fly a ʻQʼ flag (yellow) until you have gained pratique. Yachts may be boarded by Port Authority/Immigration/ Customs officers or you may be directed to report <a class="read-more-link" href="">Read More</a>

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