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We were at Reading bright and early on Sunday, to set up the Enterprise St Helena (ESH) stall. Every year numerous people, mostly Saints, visit the stall to understand what ESH offers in terms of Business Grants and Loans.

If you fancy a stargazing adventure then you should consider embarking to St Helena. Located 16 degrees south of the equator, virtually every constellation in the sky is visible at one time or another during the year.

This exhilarating 1,700 nautical mile downwind race to one of the most extraordinary places on earth starts on 27th December 2014 and is the last time it will take place in its current format, making it a once in a lifetime race!

It’s the screensaver on my Apple Mac – a shot I took as we were sailing away from the island after a too short four-day visit. St Helena is hazy in the photograph, but I can still make out Lot’s Wife and Sandy Bay.

When taking the road from Jamestown to Napoleon’s Tomb and Longwood House the route immediately starts to climb up into the hills that surround the […]