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Pip in Cape Town

  • | Apr 30 2015

St Helena pledged to clear up 1 ton of rubbish on the island as part of a Keene to Clean campaign; to entice residents to […]

devil ray, diving St Helena

  • | Apr 23 2015

This week’s post comes courtesy of guest blogger, Ceri Sansom When Karin Sinniger came to St Helena in the South Atlantic, it was to dive […]

RMS St Helena

  • | Apr 16 2015

This next year’s a big one for St Helena and as such it seems fitting to mark it with a big giveaway! Which is why […]

The Enchanted Isle

  • | Apr 09 2015

St Helena Island is on the international travel industry’s lips: with the airport set to be completed in February 2016, the appointment of Comair Limited […]

Comair Boeing 737-800

  • | Apr 01 2015

At a special event held on island last week the St Helena Government (SHG) and Department for International Development (DFID) formally announced the appointment of […]