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RMS St Helena approaching St Helena

  • | Jun 25 2015

There’s just one year left to be part of a once in a lifetime trip! The final sailings for the RMS St Helena have been […]

Fishing on St Helena

  • | Jun 25 2015

This week’s tale is a good news story courtesy of St Helena fisherman, Dorian Caswell. Dorian – who has previous experience of offshore fishing on board […]

Gravity Rush 2015

  • | Jun 18 2015

On Sunday 14 June spectators gathered for the fun-filled third annual Gravity Rush! There were 12 entries on the day. At 09:00 the Karts were […]

Millennium Forest 2015

  • | Jun 11 2015

This week’s blog post comes to us courtesy of the St Helena National Trust, with an update on the Millennium Forest project… Why plant Gumwoods […]

first blog post Marc Lavaud

  • | Jun 04 2015

Amidst all the recent milestones and celebrations recorded here on the blog another landmark achievement has been reached that we’d like to give some air […]