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St Helena alphabet poster

  • | Dec 31 2015

Saints Robin and Emma-Jane Richards have created a fabulous tribute to St Helena with an Alphabet Poster, an A to Z homage to the island’s attractions. […]

Christmas carol singing on St Helena

  • | Dec 24 2015

Christmas is a wonderful time of year on St Helena.  Hundreds of Saints return from Ascension, the Falkland Islands and the UK to enjoy a […]

Christopher Pickard

  • | Dec 17 2015

Christopher Pickard was appointed Director of Tourism for St Helena in August and arrived on island from the UK in October. This week we chat […]

Napoleon arrives at Longwood House

  • | Dec 10 2015

It was exactly 200 years ago today, on 10 December 1815 that Napoleon and his household moved from The Briars to take up residence in […]

Airport terminal building

  • | Dec 03 2015

Following the first phase of the audits for certification of St Helena Airport at the beginning of November the St Helena Airport Programme Board has […]