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dr dove whale shark

  • | Feb 23 2017

In January 2016 St Helena welcomed specialists from the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta USA under an initiative to tag and monitor whale sharks.  The party […]

Gwyneth Howell St Helena Airport

  • | Feb 16 2017

This week we quiz Gwyneth Howell, Head of Operations at St Helena Airport, on windshear and the challenges ahead. It’s been a testing year for […]


  • | Feb 09 2017

In our latest look at the unique culture enjoyed here on St Helena we examine some of the customs intrinsically linked with “Saint-ness”. Waving and […]

sailing St Helena

  • | Feb 02 2017

During the summer months of December to March, St Helena is visited by some of the most interesting and adventurous travellers, and we’re not talking […]