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St Helena Airport runway courtesy of Remi Bruneton

Airport nearing final stages

Last week, three years and eight months since the signing of the airport contract, Basil Read poured the last section of concrete, completing the runway for St Helena Airport. This is a significant milestone in a month that has seen a new airport logo revealed and an official IATA code allocated.

The completed runway stretches 1,950m across the old Dry Gut onto Prosperous Bay Plain, featuring 35,000 cubic metres of concrete spread over 90,000 square metres. The next landmark achievement will be the lighting up of the runway, followed in September by the calibration flights.

St Helena Airport runway courtesy of Remi Bruneton

Recent Aerial Views of St Helena Airport courtesy of Remi Bruneton

Other exciting developments include the brand new logo for St Helena Airport.

The logo, commissioned by St Helena Government’s Public Relations team and designed by South African brand agency SHERPA, is a modernised simplification of the St Helena crest with a forward facing ship and bird signifying how St Helena is moving forward into a new era of air travel. It establishes a unique brand for the airport while maintaining elements of the Island’s history and culture.

St Helena Airport logo

“St Helena Airport will open up the Island to the rest of the world and it is important that the airport has a clear identity that is easily recognisable to all travellers and potential visitors. The logo will be one of the first things that air passengers will see when travelling to and from St Helena,” explained Ian Jones, Chief Public Relations Officer for St Helena Government.

The logo will feature on a range of airport related material and equipment – on airport vehicles, uniforms, buildings, signage and marketing material.

Meanwhile the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which assigns unique 3-letter codes to identify airports, has designated HLE as the Airport Code for St Helena Airport, for use by airlines and computer reservation systems.  Passengers flying to and from St Helena will find the code HLE on their documentation, such as boarding passes and baggage labels.

The latest progress on the airport can be found here.

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