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First timers guide for tr

  • | Feb 22 2019

Smiles, waves, and greetings are tokens you will become accustomed to very quickly in St Helena. Whether it’s your first, second or fifth time to visit […]

Cape to St Helena, Oyster

  • | Jan 31 2019

St Helena hosts, Cape to St Helena, Oyster and World Arc Rally fleets in one of the busiest January’s in the yachting history of the […]

whale sharks st helena

Swimming with whale shark

  • | Jan 18 2019

Back in 2017 St Helena voted the annual whale shark migration as one of our 7 Wonders! It is rare for a non-static feature to […]

Our Top 9 of 2018

  • | Jan 06 2019

  Trending on social media are #Topnine moments of 2018. Here are our top 9 experiences as we reflect on the year gone by. St Helena […]

Creative St Helena Direct

  • | Dec 12 2018

As a child, I remember hiding under the blankets with a torch, engrossed in whichever book I was in the middle of at the time, […]

341 stars cataloged by th

  • | Nov 30 2018

It was in the year of 1676 that 20 year old Oxford undergraduate, Edmond Halley left the esteemed University to embark on a project that […]

7 Natural occurring natio

  • | Nov 20 2018

1. The Bellstone The large seemingly misplaced boulder sits among towering eucalyptus trees at the entrance to a lovely forest walk in the Levelwood region. […]


  • | Nov 09 2018

The St Helena Festival of running is a one of the world’s most remote fitness challenges and pushes the definition of stamina, fortitude and self-discipline. […]

All Saint sailing crew an

  • | Nov 02 2018

Carpe Diem translates to ‘seize’ the day or ‘seize the moment’, the exact philosophy 7 Saints will carry to the Cape to St Helena Yacht […]

10 Great souvenirs to pic

  • | Oct 18 2018

10.St Helena recipe book. The culinary offering is at the soul of St Helena culture.  It is no secret that Saints love food, and we […]

Guest blog post – J

  • | Oct 12 2018

It’s not the first race I’ve ever run, but it is the first time my lungs have tried to exit my body via my mouth. […]

St Helena’s top res

  • | Oct 04 2018

It used to be that a first real induction to St Helena culture came via a small mail ship that bobbed along the Atlantic rollers […]

7 Wonders – Heart Shape

  • | Sep 21 2018

The Island has spoken and Heart Shaped waterfall remains one of St Helena’s most alluring 7 Wonders.   Standing 90 metres from ground level this heart […]

21 Post Box Walks and a f

  • | Sep 14 2018

St Helenians Adam and Scott, both 19, are typical Islander adrenaline junkies.  They filled their days around work with lance fishing, diving, kayaking or camping. […]

Could the Saint Helena Bo

  • | Sep 07 2018

When flying fish shelter in the lit shallows of the Jamestown wharf landing steps it is most certainly an indicator that bottlenose Dolphins are not […]

swimming with whale sharks

International Whale Shark

On International Whale Shark Day we join the global campaign for the preservation of our oceans largest fish and IUCN listed endangered species. Reports say […]