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If you’re looking for a taste of St Helena, then look no further! The Island’s cuisine is wonderfully varied with Malay, British, and Chinese influences. […]

Just over 4000 people live on St Helena, each with their own story to tell. Our “Through the eyes of” blog series aims to tell […]

It would be an understatement to say St Helena’s history is colourful. Through a mixture of settlers, soldiers and slaves the island has seen its […]

Even though St Helena is only a small island in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean, it’s still easy to lose things! The 3mm […]

Forget New York and London. The St Helena Festival of Running 2013 offers a real running challenge. 44 runners raced to enter the refreshing 3km […]

An estimated 800 people gathered last Sunday to watch eight DIY go-karts hurtle down Jamestown. Amidst the overturned karts, flying sponges and cheering crowds, the […]

“St Helena represents everything I love about travel in a world where everything is increasingly fixated around electronic gadgets and convenience. Five days to get […]