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St Helena is one of the world’s best kept secrets and the ‘St Helena Distillery’ even more so. It really is the most remote distillery […]

St Helena has pledged to clear up 1 ton of rubbish on the island by the end of September 2014. This is the equivalent to […]

Did you know you can almost map the entire history of St Helena through its birds? In fact, the only exception to the rule is […]

We might be small but our island features a number of natural attractions, holds the weight of an impressive history and boasts breathtaking scenery. Together […]

An impressive 5 million people tuned in to hear Julian Morris, Chief Executive for Economic Development from St Helena’s Government, paint a picture for why […]

“St Helena represents everything I love about travel in a world where everything is increasingly fixated around electronic gadgets and convenience. Five days to get […]