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Companion fare available until December for travellers to St Helena

Airlink’s new companion fare is available until December from South Africa!

The special fare, offered at a rate of £584.20 including taxes, is available to any adult travelling with a confirmed return reservation for flights between St Helena and Johannesburg beginning tomorrow, 4 August, and continues until 4 December 2018. Standard return flights start at £804.

The special fare tickets are only available through the Airlink Head Office in Johannesburg, and Solomon & Company (St Helena) Plc on St Helena, so be sure to call Airlink Head Office on: +27 11 451 7300 or Airlink’s Agent Helpline on +27 11 451 7350 to book your companion fare to St Helena this year. (Click here for Q&As)

So what can you do on St Helena between August and December? Although this time of year is often seen as the coolest months on St Helena, temperatures on the island typically remain between 15°C and 26°C.

Here are 10 things to do on St Helena during this time:

1. Participate in the Festival of Running 2018


Runners of the world are once again invited to challenge possibly the hardest marathon in the world and other running events during the most unique Festival of Running in the world from 04 – 10 November! Click here for more information.


2. Catch a selfie with a humpback whale from the boat


Humpback whales have been spotted from the porches of many St Helena homes and the boating operators are offering trips around the island’s coastlines to spot these gentle giants and their carves. Have the camera ready for those trick shots!

humpack whale breaching at St Helena by Megan Vass


3. Take in a walk, or 2, or 10!


St Helena has 21 post box walks with trails located all over the island. Planning a coastal walk to Lot’s Wife’s Ponds. Check. Climb the highest peak on the island. Check. Marvel at the formation of Lot from underneath the majestic giant rock. Check.

Click here for a list of all 21 walks.


4. Experience St Helena’s Carnival day (20 October)


The Cancer Awareness Carnival is one of the biggest cultural events on St Helena and is taking place this year! With a Jacob’s Ladder Challenge, music, entertainment and the much anticipated float parade (theme, Spirit of the Sea), this event sees a large percentage of locals and visitors flock to the capital to celebrate the island and raise money for the local charity.

5. Plant a tree and leave your print on St Helena at the Millennium Forest


The Millennium Forest was once referred to as the Great Wood with a Gumwood stronghold in the Longwood area. It was home to a variety of birds, plants and insects, but settlers introduced the likes of animals namely goats who destroyed the land and as a result it became semi dessert. The Millennium Forest project was launched in 2000 and the St Helena National Trust (SHNT) were entrusted the responsibility of restoring it to its former forestry stronghold.

Over the past seventeen years, the forest has been visited and planted by islanders, RMS, Navy and cruise ship visitors, each leaving their mark on the island. Today it is one of the best and most beautiful spots to watch the operations of the St Helena Airport.

Millennium Forest


6. Walk through time with a local tour guide


Take an island tour with any number of our tour operators to visit the Napoleonic sites: the Briars Pavilion, Longwood House and Napoleon’s Tomb; Halley’s Mount, the Boer Cemetery at Knollcombes, St Paul’s Cathedral, High Knoll Fort, Ladder Hill Fort and St James’ Church.

Be sure to add Plantation to your list of sites and blow a kiss to Jonathan the Tortoise, the oldest tortoise in the world and possibly oldest land vertebrate.



7. Dive into the South Atlantic


Those who are PADI certified will experience a true adventure of St Helena – the underwater wonders. The crystal blue Atlantic waters are filled with numerous wrecks, 10 endemic fish and other incredible marine life.

Dive site habitats vary from rocky reefs with caves and areas of boulders to cobbles and sand, all teeming with marine life and all within easy reach of the wharf in Jamestown. The wrecks dotted around the coast present popular dive and snorkelling sites. Sea temperatures vary from 66 to 75°F (19 to 25°C) and visibility can range from 16 to 130 feet (5 to 40m).


8. Make local dishes with Saints and pick up a tip or two


St Helena offers home hosting to visitors who are curious about the local cuisine and ready to get their hands messy, investigate an old family recipe and hear about what it truly means to be a Saint.

St Helena Fishcakes


9. Snuggle up with a cup of St Helena Coffee


St Helena’s Coffee is Bourbon Arabica that was introduced from Yemen by the East India Company in 1732. There are three coffee plantations on the island. Bill and Jill Bolton of Rosemary Gate plantation decided their coffee plantation’s primary purpose was to supply the island with fresh St Helena Coffee and operate The Coffee Shop located at the Jamestown wharf. Grab a bag of coffee from their café and snuggle up tight!

St Helena Coffee


10. Climb Jacob’s Ladder


Jacob’s Ladder connects Jamestown and Ladder Hill with 669 steps. A Grade 1–listed staircase, the steps are around 30cm high and the same wide having a 1:1 slope. She was lit up for the first time on 21 May 2000 by Governor Hollamby.

Those who challenge the 699 steps are welcome to purchase a certificate of memorabilia from the Museum of St Helena that is located at the foot of the Ladder.

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