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Diving on St Helena Island

Diving on St Helena Island

Clear, warm waters, wrecks and fascinating marine life make St Helena Island an enticing snorkelling and scuba diving destination. Dive site habitats vary from rocky reefs with caves and areas of boulders to cobbles and sand, all teeming with marine life and all within easy reach of the wharf in Jamestown. The wrecks dotted around the coast present popular dive and snorkelling sites. Sea temperatures vary from 66 to 75°F (19 to 25°C) and visibility can range from 16 to 130 feet (5 to 40m) with peak visibility being from December to May. Dives vary between 40and 130 feet (5 to 30m+) and offer a range of diving opportunities.

There are a number of local laws for divers to abide by, including no wreck penetration and rules for swimming and interacting with whalesharks. Further information can be found in the “Diving and Snorkelling St Helena Good Practice Guide” and “Whaleshark Guidelines”.Some of the popular dive sites are Buttermilk Point,Cat Island, Cat Island Main, Cavalley Point, Egg Island, Ladies Chair, Long Ledge, Robinsons and Thompson’s Valley Island.Most of the dive sites are located on the leeward side of the Island where divers can experience a bit of surge from the ocean swells, but there are no strong currents. These dives are suitable for both beginners and advanced divers. If a visitor is planning to scuba dive they should bring their certification and log book.

The St Helena Dive Club is a thriving group on the Island. Many divers are trained through the club each year. There are snorkelling nature trails at the wharf steps in Jamestown and also at Lemon Valley which can be done a lone’s leisure. Snorkelling tours are available for those unqualified in scuba.

There are two dive operators on St Helena and both offer PADI diving courses, dive excursions and marine tours.

Into the Blue, Owner Mr Craig Yon

Sub Tropic Adventures, Owner Mr Anthony Thomas