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Enchanted Isle Limited

Enchanted Isle Limited

Name of Company: Enchanted Isle Limited


Proprietor: Johnny Herne


Address: Nr Half Tree Hollow School


Phone Number:  +(290) 61366





Tour of offer:


Come aboard the MV Enchanted Isle and watch the pantropical spotted dolphins playing in their natural habitat. These fun loving, aquatic mammals are among the most intelligent of creatures next to man, and are unusually friendly. They frequently come right up to the boat. The tour provides a scenic view of St Helena’s coastline on the leeward side of the Island. Visit Egg Island to view the various seabirds which nest there. From the comfort of the boat you can view a few of the old fortifications and outposts that still stand. The dolphin tour is often described by visitors as the highlight of their trip.


Costs of Tour: Contact owner directly


Public Liability: Yes

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