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Fishing is an important source of employment and fresh produce for the island. St Helena’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) extends to 200 miles offshore, and at present remains largely unexplored and unexploited. Until fairly recently only waters within 12-15 miles of St Helena were regularly fished. Catches are processed through a plant and cold storage facility in Rupert’s Valley. The main fish stocks are yellow-fin, long-fin, big-eye, skipjack tuna and wahoo – the island also has blue marlin, one of world’s most sought after sports fish.


If sports fishing on St Helena is what you are looking for the cool surrounding waters provide the fishing enthusiast with a wide range of popular big game fish, such as Blue and Black Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo, Dorado and Barracuda. If you do not choose boat fishing, then the rocky coast line easily accessible in Jamestown and Rupert’s will provide you with a relaxing and fun event, catching Grouper, Quavalley, Rainbow Runners, Atlantic Jack and also the endemic Bullseye. These and several additional species that can be caught along the coast line.


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