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Gwyneth Howell St Helena Airport

Five minutes with Gwyneth Howell, St Helena Airport

This week we quiz Gwyneth Howell, Head of Operations at St Helena Airport, on windshear and the challenges ahead.

It’s been a testing year for everyone involved with St Helena Airport; do you think the challenges can be resolved soon?

There is always a solution to a problem. The current situation is not insurmountable and these will be resolved in the near future.

Gwyneth Howell St Helena Airport

What’s the latest status with the windshear tests?

The various windshear and tailwind studies have now been completed and a report is being compiled and will be finalised in due course.

What’s been the most rewarding aspect of being involved with the creation of a brand new airport? And the most challenging?

The most rewarding and challenging aspect was the initial certification of the airport in May 2016; this was a team effort which involved the Airport staff, Basil Read, St Helena Government and DFID. It was an amazing feeling when I received the email advising us that we had been certified, this was a huge achievement for all.

What do your day to day responsibilities currently entail?

My responsibilities are to ensure the day to day operations of the airport are preformed and maintained within the specified regulations.  I also represent the airport and engage where required with all key stakeholders in order to establish and maintain an outstanding reputation for the highest possible standards in all aspects of business.

What’s your favourite fact about the Airport?

Many Saints’ dedication and hard work during the construction of the airport has resulted in a world-class facility, which all can be proud of.

St Helena Airport

What’s your favourite way to relax on island?

Well, there are many activities. I love fishing and enjoy walking, cooking, gardening and spending time in the gym and with my partner and Sparky, our adopted island dog.

The tender process to procure an air service provider to operate regular air services to St Helena Airport has been completed and the results will be announced in the coming weeks. Air Safety Support International (ASSI) re-issued an Aerodrome Certificate to St Helena Airport in November 2016. The latest information on St Helena Airport can be found here.

6 Responses

  • Theo Truter

    Invite me and I’ll look further into your windshear problem.
    There must be solutions somewhere!
    Kind regards

    Cpt Theo Truter
    Aviation Consultant with a valid SA Airline Pilot licence/Instructor Rating.

  • Joan Bond

    As soon as it’s safe to land there,I will be on the next flight! Can’t wait to get there. Been on my bucket list for years. Sadly I couldn’t go by sea because I get terribly sea sick. Look out, St Helena, here I come! 🙂

  • Miles miller

    Great!! But please do not forget DIFID are a U.K government department! Full of overpaid holiday makers!! and it is the British tax payers money not DFID !!!!!!

  • Varinia Walrond

    Good job guys. You should be very proud!!

  • Reg Masoni

    What sailings are still available and Costs

    • Zedella Young

      Hi Reg,
      The RMS is scheduled to run until Feb 2018. Cabin prices can be found on their website:

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