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Flying to St Helena

SA Airlink now operates a direct weekly service between St Helena and Johannesburg (via a refuelling stopover at Windhoek International Airport in Namibia).
St Helena Government and Airlink have announced the introduction of a ‘Companion fare’ on flights to and from St Helena between 4 August and 4 December 2018.

A Companion fare is a promotional airfare under which a second ticket for the same flights on the same dates is sold at a discount. Seat availability will be limited, with tickets sold on a first come, first served basis.

The Companion fare is offered at a special rate of £584.20 including taxes (approximately ZAR 10,247) for the round trip irrespective of the price of the primary traveller’s ticket.

Airlink are currently pursuing Fifth Freedom Rights on the leg between Windhoek and St Helena, which would allow passengers from other carriers to join or disembark the St Helena service at Windhoek.

If granted Fifth Freedom Rights, this would mean Airlink could sell tickets for the St Helena and Windhoek legs of the journey. The monthly charter flight to Ascension Island commenced on Saturday, 18 November 2017.  This flight occurs the second weekend of each month and returns to the island on Sunday commencing to Johannesburg. The Ascension Island service is being delivered alongside the air service to St Helena through a separate charter arrangement managed by the Ascension Island Government.

Further information will be made available shortly by the Ascension Island Travel Agency regarding the booking and releasing of tickets. St Helena Government (SHG) and SA Airlink recently announced that additional flights to St Helena will take place between December 2018 and April 2019.  This means that in addition to the regular scheduled service to St Helena that operates each Saturday, a further 19 flights are being scheduled midweek during this peak period. An additional flight is also planned to Ascension Island in December 2018 and again in January 2019 to meet anticipated demand during the peak period.

Tickets are available via the Airlink website at: and through all normal IATA global distribution systems.  Passengers are advised to contact their IATA travel agent. For those passengers residing on St Helena, ticket bookings can be made via Solomon & Company (St Helena) Plc’s Shipping & Travel Agency at the Malabar in Jamestown.  Passengers can visit the Shipping & Travel Agency in person or contact them via email: or tel: 22523.

This table highlight the range of return fares from St Helena to South Africa including taxes. Fares are subject to change and are subject to availability.


St Helena to Johannesburg (return)
Class Lower Upper
Business £1,544
Economy £804 £1,244


Medical insurance which covers at least GBP 500,000 worth of medical expenses including emergency medical evacuation (it is suggested that passengers carry both paper and electronic proof of insurance).

A ticket for both arrival and departure, or a ticket for arrival only if you are a St Helenian.

A St Helena E-Visa if you are a national travelling from any of the countries listed here.

If you are a St Helenian leaving the Island for a short holiday, you should ensure that your British or British Overseas Territories Citizen passport is valid for a minimum of six months beyond the period of intended stay. You should also have valid travel insurance and a return ticket and you may be asked to show evidence that you have St Helenian status on your return journey to the Island.

If you are a St Helenian returning to the Island for a holiday or relocating from abroad, you will be asked to show evidence that you have St Helenian status.

St Helenians who are not normally resident on the Island but still have St Helenian status will also be required to show evidence that they have St Helenian status.

For either of the above cases, St Helenian status can be shown by a letter, a Declaration of St Helenian Status Certificate or a Certificate of St Helenian status issued from the St Helena Immigration Office. Partners and children of St Helenians can apply for a Spouse of Life Partner Exemption Certificate or a Dependent Exemption Certificate.

To find out more about obtaining these documents, please contact the Immigration Office via email: or telephone: 22626.




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Week Commencing Additional Midweek Flight Current Schedule
3 Dec 18  

Tue 4 Dec 18 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB

Sat 8 Dec 18 JNB-WDH-HLE–ASI


10 Dec 18 Tue 11 Dec 18 JNB-WDH-HLE-ASI

Wed 12 Dec 18 ASI-HLE-JNB

Sat 15 Dec 18 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB
17 Dec 18 Tue 18 Dec 18 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB Sat 22 Dec 18 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB
24 Dec 18 No additional flight scheduled to avoid clash with public holidays Sat 29 Dec 18 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB
31 Dec 18 No additional flight scheduled to avoid clash with public holidays Sat 5 Jan 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB
7 Jan 19 Tue 8 Jan 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB Sat 12 Jan 19 JNB-WDH-HLE–ASI

Sun 13 Jan 19 ASI-HLE-JNB

14 Jan 19 Tue 15 Jan 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-ASI

Wed 16 Jan 19 ASI-HLE-JNB

Sat 19 Jan 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB
21 Jan 19 Tue 22 Jan 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB Sat 26 Jan 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB
28 Jan 19 Tue 29 Jan 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB Sat 2 Feb 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB
4 Feb 19 Tue 5 Feb 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB Sat 9 Feb 19 JNB-WDH-HLE–ASI

Sun 10 Feb 19 ASI-HLE-JNB

11 Feb 19 Tue 12 Feb 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB Sat 16 Feb 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB
18 Feb 19 Tue 19 Feb 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB (provisional) Sat 23 Feb 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB
25 Feb 19 Tue 26 Feb 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB (provisional) Sat 2 Mar 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB
4 Mar 19 Tue 5 Mar 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB (provisional) Sat 9 Mar 19 JNB-WDH-HLE–ASI

Sun 10 Mar 19 ASI-HLE-JNB

11 Mar 19 Tue 12 Mar 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB (provisional) Sat 16 Mar 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB
18 Mar 19 Tue 19 Mar 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB (provisional) Sat 23 Mar 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB
25 Mar 19 Tue 26 Mar 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB (provisional) Sat 30 Mar 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB
1 Apr 19 Tue 2 Apr 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB (provisional) Sat 6 Apr 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB
8 Apr 19 Tue 9 Apr 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB(provisional) Sat 13 Apr 19 JNB-WDH-HLE–ASI

Sun 14 Apr 19 ASI-HLE-JNB

15 Apr 19 Tue 16 Apr 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB (provisional) Sat 20 Apr 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB
22 Apr 19 Tue 23 Apr 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB (provisional)

Sat 27 Apr 19 JNB-WDH-HLE-JNB