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SA Airlink will operate a weekly service between St Helena and Johannesburg and St Helena and Cape Town (via the stopover at Windhoek International Airport in Namibia) from 14 October 2017. To book with Airlink, click here.

Flights between Johannesburg or Cape Town and St Helena

 This tables highlight the range of return fares from St Helena to South Africa including taxes. Fares are subject to change and are subject to availability.
St Helena to Johannesburg (return)
Class Lower Upper
Business   £1,544
Economy £804 £1,244
St Helena to Cape Town (return)
Class Lower Upper
Business   £1,586
Economy £846 £1,286

Initially, the maximum number of passengers on each flight will be 76. There will be six business class seats and 70 economy class seats.

Airlink plan to carry out an engine upgrade in the first quarter of 2018 which will allow the aircraft to be registered to carry 87 passengers on this route.

Airlink is currently pursuing Fifth Freedom Rights on the leg between Windhoek and St Helena, this would allow passengers from other carriers to join or disembark the St Helena service at Windhoek. If granted Fifth Freedom Rights this would mean Airlink could sell tickets for the St Helena and Windhoek legs of the journey.

The monthly charter flight to Ascension Island will commence with the first flight from St Helena on Saturday, 18 November 2017, and returning on Sunday, 19 November. Thereafter the flight will take place on the second weekend of every month.

Those wishing to fly between Ascension and St Helena will be able to purchase a ticket at the following rates:

A return ticket – £845

A southbound (ASI-HLE) single ticket – £415

A northbound (HLE-ASI) single ticket – £430

The Ascension Island service is being delivered alongside the air service to St Helena through a separate charter arrangement managed by the Ascension Island Government. Further information will be made available shortly by the Ascension Island Travel Agency regarding the booking and releasing of tickets.