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Getting to know the new Marketing and Communications Manager of ESH

Justine Green was made the new Marketing and Communications Manager of Enterprise St Helena (ESH) and St Helena Tourism in March this year. As we await announcement on flights to St Helena, Justine will play a key role in promoting the island to the international market. We spent a few minutes getting to know her.

What was your last job role?

Business Development Assistant Manager with ESH.

What will be your key focus as the new Marketing and Communications Manager?

My main focus at the moment is developing marketing and communications across the whole of ESH, and most especially areas where marketing was limited before; this includes business development, social enterprise and investment.  The tourism aspect of the organisation has a strong marketing presence and I see no reason to change a campaign that seems to be working.  Ideally I would like to bring the marketing within the whole organisation to the level that the St Helena Tourism product is.

There is a lot happening in all aspects of the organisation and as we move into our phase 2 of the ESH project, it is important to encourage investment.  This doesn’t mean that the tourism campaign isn’t one of my key priorities; I am fortunate enough to have the marketing and communications team which includes Kimberley, the Marketing Officer and Zedella, the Communications Officer who ensure that the Tourism marketing campaign continues as strongly as it was before, as well as assisting me in developing new ideas across the entire organisation.

Kimberley, Justine, Zedella

Kimberley, Justine and Zedella

What will be the greatest challenge?

Developing an “invest In St Helena” marketing campaign that will leave the same kind of impression as the tourism campaign.

What is the ‘must do’ activity you would recommend to visitors?

A walk to Flagstaff, and that’s not just because I live in Deadwood!  The walk to Flagstaff is very easy, but the views from Flagstaff are my absolute favourite on St Helena.  From here you get a view of the island that to me is so unique, kind of looking back at St Helena.  I would highly recommend it to a visitor, and the best thing is that it should be achievable by just about every visitor, young and old.

Where is your favourite spot on St Helena?

This has got to be at the top of Flagstaff looking back at St Helena.

Justine's daughter looking out from Flagstaff

What is your favourite island event? 

I love Christmas on St Helena, always have.  The coming together of our community at Christmas is just so heart-warming. I enjoy all the traditional events and love taking my daughter along to enjoy them, from the Festival of Lights to the Christmas Eve Parade, I attend them all.  I would be disappointed if this was to ever stop.

Festival of Lights 2016

2 Responses

  • Errol Malloo

    I am following the Saint Helena story from way up in the Caribbean, Trinidad to be exact. I am fascinated by your remoteness in the middle of the ocean. I hope to visit your island sometime when commercial flights become operational.
    Is your festival of lights associated with Divali celebrations? I know that you do have some people of East Indian extract but I get the impression that the aspects of the culture is not practiced.

  • Ahmed abd elkader

    Very nice island more quite more safe more relaax

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