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Peak Dale post box walk St Helena

Hiking boots at the ready for the Festival of Walking 2018

The Festival of Walking is one of the highlights of St Helena’s events calendar. This year we’ll be welcoming back some old favourites as well as adding a few different Post Box walks when the festival kicks off in April. Here’s what to look forward to.

The line-up for walks between 7 and 29 April includes:

Post Box Walks featuring in the St Helena Festival of Walking 2018

Peak Dale

One of the less challenging Post Box walks, Peak Dale is located in the iconic Blue Hill pastures and provides stunning views across Sandy Bay and its ridges.

Sandy Bay, St Helena

Cox’s Battery

A walk for the views! Starting from the Millennium Forest in Longwood, the walk to Cox’s Battery features some of the greatest views of Turk’s Cap, The Barn, King and Queen Rocks and Prosperous Bay Beach. From here you will see remnants of the wall surrounding the Great Wood, as well as the new St Helena Airport. Walkers will also pass through fortifications at the entrance to Turk’s Cap valley.


A distinct island landmark, Flagstaff offers great views of the island and takes in the Boer Prisoner War Camp and Deadwood Plain, a well-known home to the national bird, the endemic Wirebird.

Deadwood Plain and Flagstaff

South West Point

Located at the island’s south-west tip, South West Point allows a walk through the rolling pastures with great views of Manati Bay, Speery Island and the Black Rocks. You might also see a number of endemic Wirebirds along the trail.

South West Point, St Helena, Ed Thorpe

High Hill (St Helena Nature Conservation Group)

High Hill is composed of phonolitic rocks that were formed at a late stage in St Helena’s volcanic activity. This walk takes you through woodland up to the top of High Hill, where walkers will encounter spectacular views and the remains of an old signal station.

St Helena Coast to Coast Walk

Coast to Coast is back! A sponsored walk that spans from Sandy Bay to Jamestown/Rupert’s, from the South to the North of the island, this has been one of the most popular challenges of the Festival.

St Helena Historical Town Walk

The Town Walk is a treat that local tour operator Basil George offers for those ready to explore Jamestown’s historical paths. The walk starts at the Cenotaph and makes its way through Main Street past the Museum, Jacob’s Ladder, Castle and Castle Gardens; on a journey of history, culture, geology and genealogy.

Historical Town Walk with Basil George, St Helena

Plantation Forest Walk with Treasure Hunt

Plantation Forest will again be hosting a treasure hunt that will challenge the younger walkers’ understanding of the forest and things that grow there. Last year saw ten clues placed around the forest that led participants back to the beginning of the walk, with riddles and clues and a lucky dip prize.

Plantation Forest treasure hunt, St Helena

The full programme will be released next week with additional walking treats across St Helena! Be sure to visit the official page for more information here.

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