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History made on St Helena: Placing of the Commemorative Stone

This week’s guest post is from Tourism Projects Manager, Merrill Joshua. At the weekend he witnessed significant history being made on St Helena with the placing of the Commemorative Stone at the St Helena Airport site.


To mark the construction of St Helena Airport’s terminal building, a special Commemorative Stone was placed at the site, a local basalt rock – a key marker in the development of St Helena Airport. Placed by His Excellency Governor Capes to an audience of over 100 invited guests, Lord Bishop Richard Fenwick blessed the site and Prince Andrew School students buried a Time Capsule.


This milestone in St Helena’s history was a touching one. The speeches made were relevant, delivered with passion and sincerity. Bringing the reality of St Helena’s changing history closer to home. The day summarised the past, efforts from the present and what result we hope to achieve in the future.

The burial of the time capsule was heartwarming and the contents therein will surely create a feeling of nostalgia to future generations who will unearth it in 100 years’ time. It should give the residents of St Helena in 2114 a feel for what the island has achieved since the construction of the airport. Especially as traditional St Helena recipes are read, reminders of St Helena’s endemic wildlife are shared and details of St Helena’s economic position are detailed.

All enjoyed the day and recognition was given to Basil Read for delivering the project on time and on schedule, giving merit to the Saints and others who make the workforce.

The Arts and Crafts Association presented HE Governor Capes and a select few with a limited edition vial pendent that was accompanied by an authenticity certificate and contained soil samples from the terminal building. A limited number of these souvenirs were on sale at the site.

Although the event lasted for just over 2 hours, it will make an ever-lasting impact on the island’s history. The day ran smoothly, the weather was bright and was an opportunity for Saints to reflect on the impending future of the island.


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