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History on Wheels

History on Wheels


Name of Company: History on Wheels


Proprietor: Robert Peters


Address: Hayne Cottage, Half Tree Hollow


Phone Number: +(290) 23346





Tours on offer:


All tours cover the rich history of St Helena dating from 1890-1941 which include stories on the SS Papanui, RFA Darkdale, Dinizula, Edmund Halley, Flax Mill, and the Boer prisoners.


Tour A

The tour starts from the Consulate Hotel on to the Briars, Napoleon’s House, Napoleon’s Tomb, Stitches Ridge, Clifford Arboretum, Plantation House, Ladder Hill and return to Jamestown.


Tour B

The tour starts from the Consulate Hotel on to the Millennium Forest, Deadwood Plain — site of the wirebird habitat, Halley’s Mount, Dungeon graveyard, Boer Graves, through the coffee grounds at Rosemary Plain, New Ground and return to Jamestown.


Tour C

A tour to Sandy Bay beach, and then on to the West side of the Island, West Lodge and Horse Pasture picnic ground.


Tour D

Walking Tours. Visitors can be transported to the location of their chosen walk and picked up at the end of the walk.


Costs of Tours: £12.00 per person for four or more, or £40.00 for two people


Packed Lunch: Not included, however will take you to a local take away in the district


Public Liability: Yes