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Larry’s Island Tours

Larry’s Island Tours

Name of Company: Larry’s Island Tours


Proprietor: Larry Johnson


Address: Two Gun Saddle, Alarm Forest


Phone Number: +(290) 24187 or 65320





Tours on offer:


Tour 1

Guided tour from Jamestown on to the Briars Pavilion, then to Napoleon’s House, visiting places such as the Golf Course and Millennium Forest. On return visit Napoleon’s Tomb, then across country to Stitches Ridge for a beautiful view of Sandy Bay, south of the Island. On to George Benjamin’s Arboretum, Fairyland and Plantation House grounds (Governor’s residence and home to Jonathan the tortoise, who is reputed to be 176 years old), then on to the Prince’s Lodge Castell Collection and High Knoll Fort. Finish the tour by having a look at Jacob’s Ladder from the top of Ladder Hill and then back to Jamestown.


Tour 2

Starting from Jamestown, on to Sandy Bay Ridges (enjoying the lush scenery and beautiful views inland) down to Sandy Bay beach where you will see the geological and volcanic formations of the south part of the Island.

On return, visit our Shape Centre which is home to many of our local crafts providing apprenticeships for our disabled and vulnerable community. Then on to George Benjamin Arboretum, enjoying Fairyland views. On return back to Jamestown stopping at the top of Jacob’s Ladder.


Tour 3

Starting from Jamestown, travel through residential area (Half Tree Hollow) then on to Prince’s Lodge to view the Castell Collection (which has the largest collection of photographic prints of St Helena).

On the way you will visit St Paul’s Cathedral, and then on to Fairyland where you will see beautiful views down into Sandy Bay Beach.

From there, on to Thompson’s Wood/Blue Hill area and return via the Boer graves through to Gordon’s Post and then on to Jamestown.


Costs of Tours: £35.00 – £60.00 for the vehicle


Cancellation Fee: £10.00


Public Liability: Yes




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