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Man and chicken sailing the world found their way to St Helena

St Helena was introduced to Monique, the sailing chicken, and her pet person, Guirec when they sailed to the island for the purpose of catching the FIFA World Cup, France vs Croatia final game at Rosie’s. After planning just a short few days they fell in love with the island and extended their time with us to 2 weeks. We caught up with Monique’s pet, Guirec, to ask him a few questions about their travels.

Photo by Guirec Soudée


Guirec and Monique, the sailing duo, met on the volcanic outcrop of Tenerife just days before their first North Atlantic crossing. Guirec Soudée, a 25 year old Man from Brittany, France, was gifted a little red Spanish hen, who was only 5 months old at the time, by his Gaunches amigos to supply him eggs whilst at sea. Guirec had a different outlook and named his new travelling companion Monique and has sailed the world with her ever since.


Photo by Guirec Soudée

This business relationship quickly blossomed into a fond friendship and has caught the attention of the world’s media and social media followings, as the pair document their quirky adventures. Sailing to far flung regions, Monique has stolen the limelight wherever they moor.

In Greenland she startled the locals who “had never seen a chicken before” says Guirec. “She also saved my life” he adds, recalling 130 days locked frozen in the Arctic Ocean.

Photo by Guirec Soudée

They have gone on to become the youngest to sail the North West passage, a route from Greenland around the North of Canada and down over Alaska.

“As Global warming increases it is becoming easier for people to make this crossing”, says modest Guirec, whilst casually flicking through his laptop photos.

“Here” he says, showing a photo of a polar bear swimming close to his yacht.  “This was pretty dangerous.” Guirec has hundreds of photos of their travels, archived on his devices.

Video clippings also reveal Monique to be quite the Adventurer. She swims, surfs and sledges.  Who knew?!

Free styling their route has led them to St Helena (mid-way through their South Atlantic crossing) on course to Brazil. They arrived in choppy seas just days before the FIFA world cup final. Guirec was thrilled to able to celebrate his home country’s victory with the locals at Rosie’s.

“I love it here” he says “and I definitely want to come back.”

Sightseeing naturally included a visit to Napoleons House and Tomb. “When I posted that I had arrived in St Helena,” he said, “so many of my online following commented about the Napoleonic link.”

After Brazil, Guriec plans to travel on to French Guiana, and the Caribbean before making his way back to France where he will publish his book in November. He is currently also working with a publisher, creating children’s story books based on Monique.

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Photo credits: Guirec Soudée supplied or permission granted to use from his website.


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