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Napoleon’s death: Moment de Memoire Service 2018

With the bicentenary of Napoleons’ death only three years away, St Helena held its annual Moment de Memoire service on 5 May 2018 at Napoleon’s Tomb in Sane Valley, recognising the 197th anniversary of his passing at Longwood House on 5 May 1821.

The ceremony included the La Marseillaise, the French National Anthem, and following a minute’s silence, wreaths were laid for Fondation Napoleon, Governor Lisa Honan, the French Republic, the St Helena Napoleonic Heritage Ltd and Prince Andrew School.

Flowers at Napoleons Tomb St Helena, Moment de Memoire 2018

Napoleon’s Tomb is usually viewed from a platform situated above the site. The Moment de Memoire is one of the only occasions when members of the public are allowed into the Tomb area to view the important monument where Napoleon was buried on 9 May 1821, prior to being taken back to France in 1840.

Onlookers at St Helena Moment de Memoire 2018

To mark the historical date Longwood House – Napoleon’s former residence – was open free of charge from 11am to 2pm. St Helena continues its Napoleonic bicentenary celebrations through to 2021.



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