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New tourism brochures

New tourism brochures launched

St Helena Tourism has launched a new range of handy leaflets for visitors, showcasing the Island’s main attractions and highlighting specialist areas of interest including birding and walking.


New tourism brochuresThose already available include:

Napoleon (in French and English) 


Walking & Hiking 

Birding & Wildlife

Work is underway on leaflets focusing on topics including Diving & Marine Life, Fauna & Flora as well as at St Helenian culture. There are also plans for ones covering History & Heritage, Astronomy, Whale sharks and Southern Atlantic islands (St Helena, Tristan and Ascension).

Finally, the St Helena Island folding map with details of what to see and do is almost ready to go to press.

New tourism brochures

Introducing the new brochures, Chanelle Marais from St Helena Tourism said: “There is such a diverse range of things to see and do on St Helena and we wanted a way of capturing this without producing a huge tome and overwhelming visitors with too much information all at once. These attractive guides are light weight and can be tailored to an individual’s interests, making them easy to pick up and pop in a bag or drop in the post; they’re also ideal for second time visitors who want to explore further.

“There is so much that can be found online these days but we felt there was still a need to produce something that people can take away with them to find out more about the many facets of St Helena.”

The leaflets are available from the Tourist Information Centre, and have already made their UK debut at the Experience Latin America travel event.

3 Responses

  • Peta Jacobs

    Hello –
    These new brochures sound like just what is needed. I would love to have copies – if you want to send me one …. I am in Denver, Colorado!! Sad news abut the airport, etc. My husband and I were planing on visiting St. H early next year – by plane – but we might just have to put it off for while.
    I do enjoy the blogs you have been writing on this site. Well done.
    Peta Jacobs (nee Mawson)

    • Samantha Kirton

      Hi Peta, thanks very much for your kind words. There may be somewhat of a delay in our being able to send you copies of the new brochures whilst they’re in transit to/ from St Helena but we’ll make a note to get you a supply in due course! Thanks again for your interest

  • Ulf Engeln

    Hey folks, hope to visit you next year to catch all your new brochures and to visit your wonderful island 🙂 We’ll try to organize a flight to your new airport and hope to stay down there for a while :-)! Regards from Cologne/Germany


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