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On your marks, get set, GO! St Helena’s first mountain biking competition

This is a guest post from Christina Stroud of the tourism office.

St Helena’s Mountain Bike Competition started off at 11:00 am at the Millennium Forest.  Tourism Projects Manager, Merrill Joshua, welcomed spectators and riders. After a briefing all riders were assigned their numbers and got ready on the starting line, the Millennium Forest. The route was across a five-mile challenging track, on route towards Cox’s Battery along hilly, steep terrain and eventually looping back to the Millennium Forest. It takes skill, dedication and fitness to reach the winning positions.


The riders that participated were:

No Name Time out Time In Total
1 Remi Bruneton 27.49 27.49 2nd Place
2 Alonzon Henry 27.01 27.01 1st Place
3 Rick Walters -30 29.00 28.30
4 Andy Day -30 Did not complete
5 Ross Antonion Leo -60 29.10 28.10 3rd Place
6 Nigel McMichael -60 31.15 30.15
7 Lizemarie Robbetse
8 John Woolacot
9 Michael Davis -1.30 28.10 26.80 Ineligible (discussed and agreed 20/09)
10 Hannah Lowe -1.30 51.33 50.03
11 Louis Allen Youde -2.00 53.44 51.44
12 Deon Robbertse
13 Richard Moors 2.30 48.34 46.04
14 Derrick Alexander 2.30 48.49 46.19
15 Dennis Leo 3.00 52.19 49.19
16 Steven Theron 3.00 47.34 44.34

Remi Bruneton took the lead closely followed by Alonzon Henry, hot on their heels were Rick Walters, Ross Leo and Michael Davis.  At the bottom of the valley there is a dangerous drop zone so all riders were advised to get off their bikes and walk this area. It was here that Alonzon Henry took advantage and got into lead position and continued to hold his position to the finish line at the Millennium Forest.


There was also other activities and family entertainment on the day with Mr Colin Peters providing musical entertainment, National Trust with a cafe, SanRay’s selling food and soft drinks, Leroy Fowler selling pop corn and candy floss, Creative St Helena with their kiddies creative section, National Trust plant a tree and paint a footprint trail, and also the Forestry Projects debut kiddie cycling track through the Millennium Forest.

Alonso winner Mountain Bike Competition

Alonso winner Mountain Bike Competition

Winner of the Kids track was Scott Thomas.

The event finished with a Prize Giving and a general message of gratitude to all that contributed and supported St Helena’s first Mountain Bike Competition.

3rd Place                Ross A Leo                         Mountain Bike T Shirt and water bottle

2nd Place               Remi Bruneton                   A portable barbeque

1st Place                 Alonzon Henry                        Go Pro Camera & Trophy




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