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Racing on St Helena, it’s Gravity Rush 2014!

On Sunday spectators gathered in less than favourable weather for the start of the much-anticipated Gravity Rush. A kart-racing event organised by SHAPE employees and volunteers. However, the weather did not dampen enthusiasm as a steady stream of spectators showed up and made their way to Bridge and Market Street.

Gravity Rush Prize presentation

Fifteen racers proudly paraded their go-karts of all shapes, colours and sizes whilst spectators cheered them on. Just over 1,000 people gathered to witness the event.

Shapen Up 2

The fifteen entrants for Gravity Rush 2014 were as follows:

  • Arrow (driven by Jordan Thomas)
  • Bring It On (built by Adrian John)
  • Green Machine (represented Thorpe’s)
  • Real Steel (driven by Craig Yon)
  • Flaming Eagle (built Roddy Yon)
  • Cool Running’s (represented Basil Read)
  • School running’s (represented Harford Primary School PTA)
  • Sentinel Flyer (represented SAMS)
  • No Guts No Glory (driven by Curtis Peters)
  • Chariots of Fire (represented the Salvation Army)
  • Bumble Bee (represented St Paul’s PTA)
  • Shapen Up (represented SHAPE)
  • Far Out (driven by Ricardo Fowler)
  • Go Fast Go Pro (represented SURE)
  • Ming (represented Prince Andrew School)

Commentator for the event, Merrill Joshua, encouraged the crowd to join in voting for the best go-kart, which resulted in chants and cheers for each racer. The louder the noise, the better the score! Cool Running’s won this category by popular demand scoring an overall 10 out of 10.

The eagerly awaited first eight races then began as follows:

  • Race 1: Arrow vs Bring it on                                              Winner: Bring It On
  • Race 2: Green Machine vs Real Steel                        Winner: Real Steel
  • Race 3: Flaming eagle vs Cool Running’s                                  Winner: Cool Running
  • Race 4: School running’s vs Sentinel Flyer             Winner: Sentinel Flyer
  • Race 5: No Guts, No Glory vs Chariots of Fire       Winner: No Guts No Glory
  • Race 6: Bumble Bee vs Shapen Up                              Winner: Shapen Up
  • Race 7: Far Out vs Go Fast Go Pro                                Winner: Far Out
  • Race 8: Ming automatically went through as there was no other go kart to race against.

Winners went onto compete against one another in the winners bracket, whilst the Losers of the races competed against one another.  This was great fun with a few crashes in-between, which added to the dramatic atmosphere. The team, Guts No Glory, took the lead with Shapen Up trailing closely behind. Thanks to clever manoeuvring, No Guts No Glory won the title of winner of Gravity Rush 2014!

2014 winner vs 2013 winner

SHAPE Manager, Martin Joshua, said that Gravity Rush was “Absolutely Amazing. I would like to thank in particular sponsors Solomon’s & Co, BOSH, RMS St Helena, Connect St Helena and the Police.  Huge thanks are also extended to all those involved (too many to mention) for making Gravity Rush 2014 such a success.”

In the words one of the spectators, “I thought the event was absolutely brilliant, the races was great, some of them actually put you on edge as they came speeding round the corner and some had you laughing at times.  I think SHAPE and everyone else involved did an excellent job planning this event and making it safer for the spectators.  I know we will definitely be looking forward to next year’s Gravity Rush.”

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