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The Saint Helena Distillery

The Saint Helena Distillery

Name of Company: The Saint Helena Distillery

Proprietor: Mr Paul & Mrs Sally Hickling

Address: Bay View, Alarm Forest

Phone Number: (00290) 24210 or 61092 or 61091


Tours on offer:  
The St Helena Tungi distillery uses German-made Holstein spirit distilling equipment imported and installed in 2006. The distillery is located on Jamestown seafront, in the cool stone-walled basement beneath Donny’s famous bar, once part of the Castle Moat which served as St Helena’s original first line of defence hundreds of years ago.
Today’s apparatus is modern and failsafe, ensuring the highest standards of purity and quality from each distilled batch of the wild local fruit. When tungi spirit was first developed on St Helena as ‘prickly pear whisky’ from the 1850’s onwards, distilling methods and equipment were rudimentary, unregulated, and generally illicit. Small quantities of the distinctive fragrant liquor were produced in domestic dwellings and sundry military premises as a part-time activity for many years. In his book A few Notes on St Helena published in 1881, author Benjamin Grant records that “A very strong spirit has been distilled from this wild plant [the prickly pear] and has the taste of whiskey.”

Opening Hours: Fridays at 2pm

Cost of Tours: £5 per person

Public Liability: Yes