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Jonathan the tortoise St Helena

Shortlist for the 7 Wonders campaign released

Nominations are now in and tallied for the 7 Wonders of St Helena campaign 2018. In total 141 attractions across St Helena were put forward. Here are the top 15 to make the shortlist.

Jonathan the Tortoise

St Helena’s legendary Jonathan – said to be one of the world’s oldest living animals – was narrowly pipped to the post in the original 7 Wonders of St Helena 2008 campaign and was dubbed the island’s eighth wonder.

Lot’s Wife’s Ponds

A 2008 shortlister, Lot’s Wife’s Ponds consists of myriad pools on the south coast of the island, the highlight of one of the most popular Post Box Walks on St Helena.

Lots wifes ponds St Helena

St Helena Airport

It’s little surprise that the new Airport, with its gleaming terminal building, impressive setting and significance for tourism, should make the shortlist.

St Helena Airport credit SHG Access Office

Swimming with whale sharks

This is the first activity to be nominated and no wonder: St Helena is one of the few places in the world to afford a one in 16 chance of swimming with the largest fish in the sea.

whale shark selfie_(C) Beth Taylor 2018

Lemon Valley

Blessed with beautiful scenery and another of the 21 Post Box Walks, Lemon Valley is a popular swimming and fishing area, BBQ spot and family day out for Saints.

Lemon Valley St Helena

Bell Stone

The Bell Stone is located in the Levelwood district, a rock which, when struck, rings like a bell. Local legend has it that the ringer is granted a wish.

The Bell Stone St Helena

Plantation House

Another 2008 shortlister, Plantation House is one of St Helena’s landmark historical attractions. Built in 1792 as a country residence for the Governor of the Honorable East India Company, the House is also home to Jonathan the tortoise.

Plantation House St Helena


Flagstaff is the third Post Box Walk to make the shortlist, affording fabulous views across St Helena.

Flagstaff St Helena

Jacob’s Ladder – a 2008 7 Wonder

Built in 1829 as an inclined plane to connect Jamestown to the garrison on Ladder Hill and used to haul up manure and send down goods and ammunition, the ladder stretches 900ft high with 699 steps.

Heart Shaped Waterfall – a 2008 7 Wonder

A romantic natural wonder, the Heart-shaped Waterfall is an iconic landmark where water cascades through the middle of a heart shaped cliff face.

Diana’s Peak – a 2008 7 Wonder

Diana’s Peak is the highest point on St Helena at 823m above sea level, with breath taking 360-degree views of the island. The National Park is home to exotic flora and fauna, including many endemic species and dense tree fern thickets.

Dianas Peak, St Helena

High Knoll Fort – a 2008 7 Wonder

One of the island’s key heritage sites, High Knoll Fort was built in 1790 as a redoubt for the island population in the event of an invasion.  Its position commands superb views across much of the island.

Longwood House – a 2008 7 Wonder

Longwood House, located five and a half miles from Jamestown, was Napoleon’s home during the last years of his life and is considered one of the pre-eminent Napoleonic museums in the world.

Longwood House, St Helena

Napoleon’s Tomb – a 2008 7 Wonder

Napoleon’s Tomb in Geranium Valley/ Sane Valley is where the great commander chose for his final resting place in 1821.

Napoleons tomb, St Helena

St James’ Church – a 2008 7 Wonder

The oldest Anglican Church in the Southern Hemisphere dating from 1774, this beautiful church is a prominent feature in Jamestown.

St James Church, St Helena

Voting has now opened to select the top 7 from the list and will close on 6 May, with the announcement being made on 21 May, St Helena’s Day.

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