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St Helena: A must-visit destination for 2018

Don’t just take our word for it…St Helena has been basking in media reviews and accolades once again, tipped as a must-visit destination for 2018 by not one but six titles.

Daily Beast: 7 Most Mysterious Places You Should Visit in 2018

St Helena rubs shoulders with offbeat destinations such as Japan’s Ogasawara Islands and the subarctic Canadian settlement of Churchill in the Daily Beast round-up of some of the world’s truest wonders “that are, for the time being, obscure dots on the map”.

Financial Times: Top Alternative Travel Destination 2018

St Helena has been tipped as one of the Financial Times newspaper’s top alternative travel destinations for 2018.

Now several tour operators are launching trips for 2018, focusing on walking, wildlife, history and in particular, diving. “Known as the ‘Galápagos of the Atlantic’, it should be on every adventurous diver’s bucket list in 2018,” says Phil North of Dive Worldwide.

Frommer’s: Best Places to Go in 2018

“One of the world’s most remote tropical paradises finally became more accessible” says the world’s trusted guidebook publisher of St Helena, which makes their shortlist of top travel destinations for 2018. “Each year, Frommer’s confers with its writers and editors from around the world to ask which places should be named as the hot destinations of the year. It’s no easy task…”

Frommers best places to go 2018

Getaway: Bucket List 2018

South African magazine, Getaway, has included St Helena in their Bucket List of 48 fabulous destinations for 2018.

Wanderlust: Hot List 2018

Named in the Wanderlust Magazine ‘Hot List 2018’, St Helena also made their top 10 places to Escape the Winter Chill this year, with spotting whale sharks just one of the reasons to visit.

Wanderlust Hot List 2018

Wendy Perrin: Where to Travel in 2018

“You can dive to shipwrecks, swim with whale sharks, go on picturesque hikes to see some of the 500 endemic species of flora and fauna…Plus, the long-distance trip will make for some pretty cool stories to tell your friends when you get back home,” says pre-eminent US travel journalist, Wendy Perrin.

Add to this the numerous articles that have appeared in the likes of the Telegraph, Sunday Times, Metro and Evening Standard…what more excuse do you need to plan a visit to St Helena in 2018!

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  • Reginald Mason

    Truly a most fascinating Remote Island that is well worth the time and money


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