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Lots Wifes Walk 2016

St Helena hosts another exciting Festival of Walking

This year’s Festival of Walking has drawn to a close with 100 people taking part, hiking from St Helena’s highest peak to its hidden ponds over the duration of the month-long event.

With a programme of 20 walks, the annual Festival of Walking showcases the beauty of St Helena, giving locals and visitors the opportunity to discover the island’s trails with a guide.

The most popular walks this year were Lot’s Wife’s Ponds, Plantation Forest Walk with a treasure hunt for the kids, Sandy Bay Barn, a Historical Town Walk and South West Point.

Plantation Forest treasure hunt, St Helena

The most attended walk was again the sponsored walk to raise money for the St Helena Nature Conservation Group (SHNCG). A total of 27 people participated in the challenging ‘Coast to Coast’ trek, a walk from Sandy Bay beach across the island to Jamestown. The first walkers completed the walk in two hours (with some stages of running thrown in) and funds raised were in excess of £200.

The full list of walks enjoyed this year were:

Lot’s Wife’s Ponds (Post Box Walk)

Plantation Forest Walk with a Treasure Hunt

Historical Town Walk with Magma Way Tours

Diana’s Peak (Post Box Walk and highest Peak)

Cox’s Battery (Post Box Walk)

Sandy Bay Barn (Post Box Walk)

Gumwood Guardians with SHNCG

Flagstaff (Post Box Walk)

South West Point (Post Box Walk)

Heart Shaped Waterfall (Post Box Walk)

Donkey Walk with the Donkey Sanctuary

Coast to Coast with SHNCG (Sponsored Walk)

Longwood Boundary Walk

Fortifications Walk with the Saint Helena National Trust

Wirebird and Millennium Forest Tour with the Saint Helena National Trust

High Knoll Fort Tour

Great Stone Top (Post Box Walk)

High Hill (Post Box Walk)

Mackintosh to Rosemary Trail

Peak Dale post box walk St Helena

Organiser Christina Plato said:

“We are so pleased that after eight festivals both islanders and visitors are still so involved in the Festival of Walking. We are also glad that despite Mother Nature’s interesting forecasts over the month, only one walk was cancelled, but we hope those who were eager to travel to the edge of Blue Point to gaze upon Lot’s Wife and Speery Island will still get the opportunity to experience it soon.

“St Helena has such a unique offering when it comes to our walks. From the 21 Post Box walks to the countless trails, we are thrilled to be able to host this event for the walkers around the island, as well as those flying in to the island to experience a new set of walking wonders.

“A huge thank you the St Helena National Trust, St Helena Nature Conservation Group, Teeny Lucy, Rhys Hobbs, Basil George, Val Joshua and Derek Henry who made the festival possible by leading or organising the walks throughout the programme.”

Interested in walking St Helena’s trails? Visit our Walking and Hiking page for more information.

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