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St Helena launches Keen(e) to Clean

St Helena has pledged to clear up 1 ton of rubbish on the island by the end of September 2014. This is the equivalent to 66,667 cans of Coke!

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This year long campaign which kicked off on the 4th of October has already seen the island’s community chip in, with more than 40 Saints cleaning on the first day, filling a total of 60 bags of rubbish.

To entice Saints to get out their brooms and gloves, everyone who joins in St Helena’s Keen(e) to Clean campaign will have the chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to Cape Town.  The winning ticket will be drawn next year on World Tourism Day (27 September 2014).


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The campaign is being sponsored by Keene Communications and the Managing Director of Keene, Simon Quarendon, delivered a message on the launch day,

“Keene is delighted to be supporting this initiative and we applaud the councilors for setting it up. As your appointed PR consultancy here in the UK, we promote St Helena as an “un-spoilt island” and it is vital that when the airport opens, that is what visitors see and experience.  We have no doubt that this project will be very successful and that you will all enjoy a real sense of achievement very soon. Best wishes and good luck!”


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A barometer will shortly be erected in the Visitor Information Centre on the island, giving all visitors to the Tourist Office a glimpse on where we stand in reaching our goal; 120kg with 880kg to go!



2 Responses

  • Jean Bowerman

    Great to see this Keene to Clean initiative to keep the island ‘unspoilt’ – good stuff ….

  • Betricex

    Very good! It´s very important to keep your island tidy! In Sweden we have a slogan: “Keep Sweden tidy!”
    I am going to St Helena and hope to find a tidy wonderful island.
    Sending greetings to Marcus Henry.


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