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St Helena carnival

St Helena marks 10 years of Carnival

This year marks 10 years since the first St Helena Carnival in aid of Cancer Awareness. A biennial event, this festive charity carnival takes place during October, Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The event is always met with a great crowd thronging the streets, hundreds of spectators and an amazing night of music and dancing throughout Jamestown. This year’s theme was ‘Show Us The Colour Of Your Wings’ and was met with many different costumes ranging from butterflies to airplanes with many homemade designs, showcasing extraordinary colours.

St Helena carnival

The St Helena Cancer Support and Awareness charity aims to assist patients, survivors and families affected by cancer as well as contributing funds to purchase medical equipment to aid diagnosis and recovery. The charity generates funds by kind donations and fund raising events such as Carnival.

The Carnival is the largest event for the Cancer Awareness Month, but is not the only one. This year saw the first Colour Dash along the Jamestown Wharf and the ‘Getting Ready For Take Off’ afternoon and evening fundraiser with live music in the Mule Yard. Another memorable fundraiser was ‘Brave the Shave’, by which men and women shaved their hair off. This year saw four five courageous women and one gent shave off their hair in public or at a hair salon. One of these ladies was Jane Durnford who donated her hair to ‘The Little Princess Trust’, a UK charity that makes wigs for girls with cancer.

St Helena carnival

A small but effective fundraiser was a coffee morning at Jamestown Community Centre. With a raffle of T-shirts and badges, this event raised over £400. A public dance at Blue Hill raised £540, with prizes that were kindly donated by the public.

To date £1,152 has been raised through the Colour Dash, £2,656 through Carnival and over £700 on the stall and sale of T-Shirts, with this year’s logo designed by Robin and Emma-Jane Richards of Bemmie.

St Helena carnival

Tracey Williams, Chairperson, Cancer Awareness Working Group, said: “Thank you to everyone who helped to make these events such a success.  We have a small team but the support and generosity of the community is always phenomenal.”

For all updates on the St Helena Cancer Support and Awareness events, be sure to follow them on Facebook.

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  • F E J Doble

    Wonderful! What a superb way of creating awareness of Breast Cancer and its inherenet problems…well done St Helena community!

  • Jacci

    It sounds like a really fun time for everyone and congratulations to all those who made it happen for such a good cause.


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