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Des Jacobs photographers paradise St Helena

St Helena is a photographers’ paradise

To coincide with the opening of the newest accommodation on the island, Mantis St Helena commissioned a professional photographer to capture the ‘photographers’ paradise’ that is St Helena, along with their luxury hotel.

The Mantis St Helena opened its doors on 28 October, boasting 30 bedrooms, a fine dining and terrace restaurant and bar for visitors and residents alike.  Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, with both international cuisine as well as traditional St Helena dishes such as Black Puddings on the breakfast menu.

Mantis St Helena - Hotel exterior by day

The selected photographer was Des Jacobs, who was eager to begin work on St Helena’s scenic untouched landscapes.  Speaking of his arrival, Des described the “excited angst” amongst the passengers as the dramatic landscape came into sight.

Des said:

“One thing I hope for is that the genuinely friendly assistance never wanes as the airport gets busier – it’s a highlight I will never forget.”  

Following his arrival to St Helena, Des was met at St Helena Airport by Matt Joshua, General Manager of Mantis St Helena, Des was awed by the scenic aspect of the island as he made his way with Matt into Jamestown.

High Knoll Fort Des JacobsDes commented:

“St Helena is not a typical island. When I told my family I was coming here they immediately started talking about white-sand beaches and palm trees. Even when I first read about it being a volcanic island I imagined a mixture of barren, dark soil and greenery.

“I wasn’t ready for the variety in the land, and the environment.  Every turn I took I saw something different; I was the proverbial kid in a candy shop. There are such variations of beauty – from the barren, rocky shores, the green pastoral hills, to the desert-like areas – all so very different. The tropical weather ebbed and flowed as the clock ticked through the day, the skies always in a mood. St Helena is my muse!” 

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