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Team St Helena triumphant at the Island Games

We love our sport on St Helena and love travelling to compete in international sporting events. In June, St Helena joined 23 teams from around the world in Gotland, Sweden, to compete in the XVII NatWest Island Games.

Our athletes’ endeavours were unequalled from the get go, with Team St Helena travelling for over four weeks to attend the Games. They returned home via Cape Town on board the RMS St Helena with five medals, ending 15th on the medals board.

Madolyn and Jodie on the podium

The sporting odyssey began on 6 June, with many Saints gathering in Jamestown to wish the team well. After five days at sea they arrived at Cape Town, where they spent much of their time training before flying on 20 June to make the Games’ opening on 24 June.

The team representing St Helena comprised of:

Carlos Yon, Simon Henry, Madolyn Andrews and Jodie Constantine – Shooting

Malcolm Williams and Darren Henry – Golf

Colby Thomas – Swimming

Sunna Thomas – Athletics

Damien O’Bey – Chef de Mission

Pat Henry and Barbara Osborne – Team Officials

Andrew Lawrence – Team Official and Physio

Madolyn shooting at Island Games

The team competed in a number of events. The shooting squad landed at the top of the leader board, bringing home five medals, the largest number of medals won by a Saint team at the Games.

GOLD – ISSF 50m 3 Position Smallbore Rifle, Men – Simon Henry

GOLD – NSRA 100 Yards Prone Rifle, Men – Simon Henry

SILVER – ISSF 50m 3 Position Smallbore Rifle, Women – Madolyn Andrews

BRONZE – ISSF 50m Prone Smallbore Rifle, Team, Women – Madolyn Andrews and Jodie Constantine

BRONZE – NSRA 100 Yards Prone Rifle, Team, Women – Madolyn Andrews and Jodie Constantine

Medal winner Simon Henry

Shortly after disembarking the RMS on Sunday 9 July on their return, Damien O’Bey, Chef de Mission, made a speech to all those who gathered. He said:

“The list of accolades means that this team is without a doubt the most successful to have ever participated in the Island Games for St Helena. We have gone from being known as the team who travelled so far to get to the Games, to the team with sharp shooters and a force to be reckoned with.


“The strap line for the 2017 edition of the Games was ‘Memories for Life’ and I’m sure the entire team will back me in saying that we have in fact made memories that will stay with us for a lifetime.

“I hope our team performance will act as inspiration to anyone wanting to participate in sports on an international level. If you apply yourself and commit to training and diet, there is no doubt that Saints belong in the international arena of sport.”

The team passed the torch in Cape Town to a second Team St Helena, who are competing in the Commonwealth Youth Games in the Bahamas from 18 – 23 July.  Among them is Gotland competitor, Colby Thomas.

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Thanks to Damien O’Bey for the photos.

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