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Tenka Tours

Tenka Tours

Name of Company: Tenka Tours


Proprietor: Kevin Hudson


Address: Nr Half Way


Phone Number: +(290) 22376 or 63276


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Tours on offer:


Scenic island tour including key historical and conservation sites

A complete all Districts Island Tour taking in all the beautiful landscapes and contrasts. This tour also includes brief stops at some key historical and conservation sites. This see it all trip includes all the major land based attractions such as Napoleon’s Houses, Jonathan the Tortoise and Plantation House, island endemic flora and fauna (wirebird) High Knoll Fortification, Halley’s Observatory and our Heart Shaped Waterfall.


Conservation tour including wirebird viewing

These tours are designed to cater for those who are interested in our conservation and wildlife. See the wirebird in its natural habitat or plant an endemic at Millennium Forest, this tour is suited to nature lovers.


Guided walking tour including heritage and conservation sites

Our guided walks are designed for the avid trekker. Hike along the coast to visit some historical ruins or conquer our highest Peak, which offers a variety of endemic flora and fauna. Set yourself a challenge and complete a Post Box Walk, or simply just appreciate our sub-tropical climate with a walk of your choice.


Cycle Tours

An exciting opportunity to see St Helena whilst cycling. Whether it is a gentle cruise around the island, or a challenging downhill run, we are able to offer guided Cycle Tours which includes provision of bikes, safety equipment and mobile drop-off and collection service.


Costs of Tours: £15.00 – £35.00 per person


Cancellation Fee: £10.00


Packed Lunch: Provided at an additional cost of £5.00


Public Liability: Yes


Tenka Tours and guided walks aim to promote our beautiful island by providing a variety of island wide tours, trips and services for everyday visitors and locals alike. There is much to see and appreciate on this tiny portion of landmass which is filled with wildlife, natural, cultural and historical interests. Guided and directed by experienced local people who support our natural, cultural, conservation and historical heritage, Tenka Tours offers a variety of services aimed to make an exciting and enjoyable stay on St Helena for everyone.