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The Barn

The Barn

This walk is one of the most difficult and should only be attempted by the most experienced walkers. After Traversing Deadwood Plain, the route enters an area of impressive geological features ending on top of a huge volcanic bluff with panoramic views across the east end of the island.



St Helena Nature Conservation Group details:
Distance 10.5km
Time Taken 1 hour 15 minutes there, 2 hours back
Elevation Starting at 530m dipping down to 400m and then to 616m on the summit


Safety – A demanding walk with steep slopes of loose earth and stones to traverse, some clambering over rocks, and vertiginous drops. Beware, the top can become enveloped in mist, making it hard to follow the path. Do not attempt to do this walk in poor visibility, wet and misty weather conditions.



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