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The language

The language

English is St Helena’s first language, however, due to our descent from a concoction of nations, our tongue has evolved into a unique way of speaking. English speaking visitors may find it hard to understand parts of our dialect.


Saint Pronunciations/Dialect

Translated “Proper” English:

Chips Crisps
Cooldrink Canned fizzy drink/soda
Couple  (Several; can be more than 2) Couple (means 2 in English)
How you How are you
‘Eierce’ (pronounced like pierce) Yes
Bite Spicy ‘hot’ flavour
See you Bye/see you later
‘Mussie’ It must be
Who you is? Who are you?
Breead Bread
Heead Head
Beead Bed
Bita  (“I get my bita dinner first“) A bit of
Chirren Children
Don’t (“he don’t hear too good”) Doesn’t
Gorn (“He gorn home now”) Gone
How you? (reply: “not too bad luvie”) How are you?
Ing (“I took ing home”) Him
Jorb Job
Kitch Catch
Kittle Kettle
La (luh)   (“rain cumin now la”) Look
Most – (“most time to get my lunch”) Almost
Nuttin Nothing
Not yit a while Not for a while yet
Next – (“next side or next way”) Other
One – (“one man call for you”) A
Porket Pocket
Ting Thing
Dat That
Tank you Thank you
Us is We are
Wush Wash
Windoo Window
Nuff Enough/Plenty



Oh la! Oh look (Indignant exclamation)
Oww! Amazement (‘oww nuff rain!’ or ‘oww how dat?’)
Phew ya Exasperation (i.e. ‘phew ya, it some hot!’)
Gorn now Oh go on now



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