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Dianas Peak, St Helena

The new 7 Wonders of St Helena

St Helena has spoken and after a nomination period (266 forms returned) and voting period (344 forms returned), the new 7 Wonders of St Helena have been announced:


Jacob’s Ladder, 294 votes

Built in 1829 as an inclined plane to connect Jamestown to the garrison on Ladder Hill and used to haul up manure and send down goods and ammunition, the ladder stretches 900ft high with 699 steps. Once you reach the top, the location offers a good vantage point of lower Jamestown and sea views.


Heart Shaped Waterfall, 268 votes

A romantic natural wonder, the Heart Shaped Waterfall is an iconic landmark where water cascades through the middle of a heart shaped cliff face. The St Helena National Trust has refurbished the path up to the base of the waterfall, improved the general footpaths around the attraction and built a platform for rest and viewing.


Jonathan the Tortoise, 204 votes

Plantation House is home to the island’s oldest inhabitant, Jonathan the Tortoise. Jonathan is the oldest known land vertebrate in the world and is estimated to be around 186 years or more. He arrived in 1882 as a mature adult and was presented as a gift to the Governor. He has seen more than 30 Governors pass through Plantation House.


Diana’s Peak National Park, 202 votes

The Central Ridge National Conservation area is home to one of the Island’s top national parks: Diana’s Peak. It is the highest point on St Helena at 823m above sea level, with breath taking 360-degree views of the island. The National Park is home to exotic flora and fauna, including many endemic species and dense tree fern thickets, and forms one of 21 post box walks.


Longwood House, 180 votes

Longwood House was the final residence of Napoleon Bonaparte during his exile on St Helena. The house was converted specifically for the purpose of housing Napoleon and selected due to its site on an elevated plain away from woodland, making it easier to secure. It is now one of the world’s pre-eminent Napoleonic museums and can be toured Monday to Friday from 11:00 – 13:00.


High Knoll Fort, 172 votes

One of the island’s key heritage sites, High Knoll Fort stands at an impressive 584 meters about sea level, built in 1790 as a redoubt for the island population in the event of an invasion.  There were some changes made to the fort during the Second World War, including repairs to the parapets, but little has changed since the major building in the latter 19th Century. Its position commands superb views across much of the island.


Swimming with whale sharks, 155 votes

St Helena is the best region in the world to encounter whale sharks. The waters around the island are thought to be key to their reproduction in the Atlantic and central to the life cycle of the whale shark species. Visitors can swim with these docile giants from January to March each year.

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