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Festival of Running, St Helena

Triathlon debut for Festival of Running

Saint Helena’s athletes seized the chance to test their mettle in this year’s Festival of Running (8-15 July 2015), taking on a series of challenges designed to make the most of the Island’s rolling hills and steep peaks, rugged coastline and striking geology.

The weather was fabulous for the entire Festival with warm sunny days. There was a lot of enthusiastic support for all the events, especially for the inaugural Triathlon.

Congratulations go to all the entrants and Jordan Stevens (pictured) in particular, who won the 21km half marathon and was also a member of the winning triathlon team.

Festival of Running, St Helena


The winners were:

Marathon & Half-Marathon, Saturday 11 July

A challenging but rewarding feat, the breath-taking 42km marathon route took in Sandy Bay Ridge, Halley’s Mt and Green Hill. Runners also had the option to sign up for the half marathon, as well as 3km and 10km fun runs.

42km Marathon

1st Male – Ben Hathway – 5hrs 24:41mins

1st Female – Hannah Lowe – 6hrs 11:08mins

21km Half Marathon

1st Male – Jordan Stevens – 1hr 58:14mins

1st Female – Tiffany Plato – 2hrs 10:58mins

10km run

1st Male – Nicholas Janisch – 59:58mins

1st Female – Chanelle Marais – 1hr 07:04mins

1st Boy – Thomas Janisch – 59:58mins

1st Girl – Chloe Yon – 1hr 18:30mins

3km run

1st Male – Anthony Bennett – 28:24mins

1st Female – Madeleine Schwarz – 30:55mins

1st Boy – Brett Isaac – 24:57mins

1st Girl – Anna Janisch – 28:04mins

Festival of Running, St Helena


Triathlon, Sunday 12 July

The first ever St Helena Triathlon provided the ultimate Island endurance event, with teams and individuals signing up to tackle the rough route in and around Jamestown.

1st – Scott George, Thomas Hickling, Jordan Stevens – 1hr 04:55mins

2nd – Scott Thomas, Weston Clingham, Jacob Duncan – 1hr 12:51mins

3rd  – Ma-Kyle Fuller, Matthias Young, Brett Isaac – 1hr 22:08mins

Festival of Running, triathlon swim, St Helena

 Swimming event Triathlon: Scott George, Thomas Hickling

Jacob’s Ladder Challenge, Monday 13 July

Built in 1829 to haul manure up from town and send goods down, the ladder is 600ft high and has 699 steps. This year’s plucky participants did a sterling job but no one managed to break the record from bottom to top of 5mins 16.78 seconds, set in 2013 by Graham Doy.

1st Female – Milla Loot – 8mins 04:72secs

2nd Female – Delrae Yon – 10mins 33:94secs

3rd Female – Carin Thirion – 12mins 56:53secs


1st Male – Andrew Plato – 7mins 51:97secs

2nd Male – Stefan Loot – 8mins 42:75secs

3rd Male – Mike Rodden – 9mins 37:84secs

Festival of Running, Jacob's Ladder Challenge, St Helena

Jacob’s Ladder Challenge – Carin Thirion, Milla Loot, Stefan Loot, Andrew Plato, Delrae Yon

Nick Stevens, Chairman of the National Amateur Sports Association (NASAS) of St Helena said: “I would like to thank those persons who took part in the Festival of Running this year and would like to welcome you to take part again next year. Thanks also to the Tourist Office staff, it was great working with you guys.

“Finally I wish to thank the NASAS committee and New Horizons Staff and parents who assist with marshalling the events. We will see you all next year!”

Susan O’Bey, Deputy Chief Executive for Economic Development at Enterprise St Helena added: “People visit a destination because they want to experience the lifestyle and culture of a particular place. St Helena is well known for its friendliness and sense of community, and events such as the Festival of Running help to ensure that these qualities remain strong and vibrant.”

The varied natural beauty of the island combined with the extreme terrain and steep gradients make it ideal for running events and triathlon. With the arrival next year of the Island’s airport, it is anticipated that there will be an increase in overseas participants, so the race will be on to get applications in early for the Festival of Running 2016!


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