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Governor Lisa Phillips

Welcome to the new Governor

This week we welcomed the new Governor Designate for St Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha, Ms Lisa Phillips.

Ms Phillips is the 68th Governor of St Helena and her Dependencies and the first ever female to take on the role. She was sworn in on Monday 25 April 2016.

Governor Lisa Phillips


In her inauguration speech, Ms Phillips said:

“I am so pleased to be here. I found out I had been successful for this job last summer and have been itching to get here ever since.”

She went on to say:

“Since I found out I was coming here, anyone I met told me there are three things they knew about St Helena. First, your famous previous resident, Napoleon.  Second, your famous current resident, Jonathan.  And third the new Airport. In a way, they are perhaps indicative of the past present and future of the Island.

I think that what will probably define my term is increased tourism. The Airport is one element of that and I’m committed to making that work, but I am specifically committed to making tourism work for the benefit of all Saints. Tourism is everyone’s business and it’s in everyone’s interest. I want to see a higher standard of living and increased wages as a result of tourism. It’s quite simple. I want the money those tourists bring in to end up in the pockets of Saints. Now I know we will have to open up sensibly so as to protect St Helena’s special beauty. But I believe I have a duty and responsibility to show the British public that the significant investment in the Airport that they have made, has been the right thing to do. I hope you feel the same.”

Governor Lisa Phillips


In summing up she said:

“I feel the future looks bright. I promise I will do my very best in this role. I am aware that, for you, I am just another name in a long list of Governors. But for me this is a unique opportunity to make a positive difference and I plan to seize it with both hands.”

Watch the inauguration ceremony video on YouTube courtesy of What the Saints Did Next and follow Lisa’s adventures on Twitter.

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