Festival of Running



 Festival of Running 2016


Last year St Helena’s Festival of Running took place from 19 to 27 November.  The organising of the event was led by St Helena Tourism supported by NASAS (National Amateur Sports Association of St Helena) and New Horizons.  This year the event attracted a lot of interest from local participants and international athletes alike with 7 international runners.



Marathons and Fun Runs

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On 19 November 2017, the marathon, half marathon, 10km and 3km took place with around 60 taking part. The marathon a challenging but rewarding feet took runners through the varied scenic and jagged terrain of Sandy Bay Ridge, Halley’s Mount, Green Hill and Levelwood.  The winner of the marathon was Martin Collins for the gents at 03:44:05 and Megan Vas at a time of 04:24:12 for the women, both participants broke previous year’s records.


For the half marathon, the first male who crossed the finishing line was John Wollacott and the first lady Chanelle Marais.   


Winners of the 10km was Philippe Faucheux and Anita Robbertse for the adults and Chole Yon and Luke Ansell for the children.


The 3km race saw Bradley Paterson, Kenon Bargo, Gloria Yon and Demi George win in their related categories.



Jacob’s Ladder Challenge

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The Jacobs Ladder Challenge followed on 21 November, where the current record of 5m 6s remains unbroken.  Winners of this event was Martin Collins, Aiden Yon Stevens, Fiona Mcintosh and Chole – Jayne Yon.  




Trail Run

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The next event was the Trail Run which took place on 26 November, starting from the sea front to the highest peak on the island.  Martin Collins reached Diana’s Peak as the first gentlemen, with a new record time of 0:56:55.  Kathy Squires was the first lady and Jake Ansell the first boy.   




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The final competition of the event took place on 27 November at the Wharf, where spectators gathered to witness both teams and individuals tackle the mini triathlon.  Competitors swam out to the Papanui and then cycled and ran through routes in and around Jamestown.  For the teams Colby Thomas, Anthony Thomas and Martin Collins triumphed and in 1st place of the individuals were Richard Dobson.


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