Numerous volumes describe the natural history of the island, documenting the endemic and endangered species ranging from the gumwood tree to the wire bird.  Millions of years in the making, these fragments from the wreck of an ancient world include tree ferns, black cabbage trees, Jellico, a native dogwood and the golden sail spider.   The Diana’s Peak National Park is a testament to the island’s pristine environment; a home to most of St. Helena’s endemic wildlife.   Of the 60 known native species of plant, 45 occur nowhere else (including the white ebony flower).  Of 1100 land invertebrates, 400 are unique to St Helena. At least six unique land birds once occurred on St Helena, only one (the wirebird) survives today. Ten shore fishes are found only around the island, and 16 more are found only here and at Ascension.

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