Tours and Excursions

We offer a variety of tours and excursions which can be arranged and facilitated through the Tourist Office.

Explore the island either by walking, hiring a car, using a taxi or public bus.  Organised tours are available to reserve from the bureau on the RMS St Helena when travelling here or visit the Tourist Office upon your arrival and we can arrange one for you.

Several organised tours are advertised on board the RMS.   All tours available are well planned and enable you to view the island’s magnificent landscapes, its history, its people and key sites.

A full island tour which usually lasts about 4 – 5 hours is a great way to view the entire island; an experience to see the varying contrasts in geology, nature, architecture and historical attractions.


You can arrange an island tour with various local tour operators or hire a car and explore the island on your own.



A list of tour suppliers:


Island Tours


Tenka Tours


Aaron’s Adventure Tours


Green Wagon Tours


Larry’s Island Tours


History on Wheels


Magma Way Tours


Peter’s Island Tours




Stedson’s Scenic Tours


No Limits Travel and Tours


Harry Legg’s Tours


Donkey Walking


CJ Taxi and Tour Services


Boating Tours


Into the Blue


Enchanted Isle


Gannett 3


Pink Lady


Sub-Tropic adventures


Ground Handlers