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Visiting by Yacht

Visiting by Yacht


St Helena welcomes visiting yachts. There’s a growing interest in yachts seeking safe havens in new and unspoilt destinations. St Helena is conveniently positioned for passing sea traffic as it sits in the middle of West Africa and South America.

Yachts can be hoisted in an emergency,  if spaces are available – this can be coordinated with the harbor master.  The current cost for hoisting and launching visiting yachts are £33.00.

On arrival immigration personnel will provide you with an information pack, however if you require further tourist information, please contact the Tourist Office on VHF channel 8.


Click HERE for more information on St Helena’s moorings.

Abiwans, St Helena Yacht Services and Bennett’s’ Upholstery are businesses that offers tailoring, upholstery, local craft and sail repair, cost depending on size of job.

Fuel can be obtained from Solomons literage department on the Wharf or fuel station located at Narra Backs, Jamestown.  Fuel can delivered to the Yachts for free by liasing with the harbour master or with the St Helena Yacht Services.  Solomons also charge a small fee for water delivery.

There are two launderettes, one located at Ladder Hill and the other in Jamestown.

St Helena has only one harbour called James Bay which now benefits from a new field of robust mooring buoys. The rest of the coast is towering rocky cliffs, backed by lush green slopes, climbing up to the highest spot on the island, Diana’s Peak, at 823 metres.

St Helena’s popularity as a port of call for passenger liners has now been taken over by sailing yachts, a large number of which stop here every year. A warm welcome awaits the visiting sailor ashore in Jamestown, the island’s main settlement and only harbour.