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sport and leisure

St Helena is a great place for an active family holiday. There’s something for everyone – from hiking to fishing, scuba diving or dolphin watching.

Discover sports & leisure on St Helena:

Diving on St Helena

Clear, warm waters, wrecks and fascinating marine life make St Helena Island an enticing snorkelling and scuba diving destination.  Dive site habitats vary from rocky reefs with caves and areas of boulders to cobbles and sand, all teeming with marine life and all within easy reach of the wharf in Jamestown. The wrecks dotted around the coast present popular dive and snorkelling sites.

Walking and Hiking

A volcanic outcrop in the South Atlantic Ocean, the island of St Helena is a 47 square mile sub-tropical paradise, with rolling hills and a rugged coastline, prime terrain for terrain for exploring on foot.  Home to an impressively varied range of walks and trails for such a small area, the Island’s diverse landscapes – from mist-enshrouded cloud forest to ancient desert – offers national beauty at every turn. 

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Sports and Exercise

St Helena is a great place to stay active in a fun way.  There are endless opportunities to experience the great outdoors and activities on offer for those who love team sport or for those who prefer to be on their own – from teeing off on one of the remotest golf courses to participating in one of the most popular community sporting events of Cricket and Football.  Looking for an active holiday

Birding on St Helena

On land and by sea, the sights and sounds of the birdlife of St Helena are certain to delight. Inextricably wrapped up in the island’s history, the story of St Helena’s birdlife – a legacy of colonisation of the island by man and the animals he introduced, that brought about extinctions and rarity – is fast becoming one of conservation success and recovery.  The Island is home to many unique species that cannot be found elsewhere in the world.